Thursday, December 7, 2017

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I AM MPLS! · 300 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

I AM MPLS! is presented by Be The Match. A city isn’t just the land it inhabits. Or the water that flows through it. Or the buildings that tower over it. It’s the people. The dreamers. The doers. The historians. The iconoclasts. The scavengers. The creators. The tacticians. The generators. It’s a vibrant gallery with hundreds of thousands of hearts and souls finding their own unique rhythms, gathering in groups of those that share the same beat. Each year, we bring these collections together to celebrate the creative ties that bind us all in the creative hub of the north. For one night, we set a spark that creates new collaborations, new ideas, and new friendships. The land, the water, and the buildings may bring us here, but it’s the people that truly allow us to say with pride and without hesitation – I AM MPLS! This year Culture Piece Magazine is taking over to bring you an all POC lineup of models and creatives. Culture Piece Magazine is an editorial & high fashion online publication featuring art, culture, music, life as a Millennial. Eager to bring authentic culture and diverse fashion to the Twin Cities, Culture Piece Magazine was founded in 2016 by journalist-photographer duo Maya Clark & Pierre Ware.

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