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I AM Kindness Gallery show!

A local art show is focusing on charity in a unique way... money has no value at the event.

I Am Kindness // Burnett Art Gallery // Minneapolis, MN from acowsay on Vimeo.

The “I Am Kindness” art show was held Saturday night at the Chambers Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. All of the art on display was created by local artists.

People could bid by putting their name into a bowl next to the piece they want, and a name is drawn at the end of the night. Patrons were asked to pay for the art by pledging acts of kindness.

“I wanted a way to connect the local art community with the nonprofit community and create something that got people excited about connecting cool brands that are supporting events like this,” organizer Sarah Edwards said.

Examples of acts of kindness are volunteering at local nonprofits, fostering pets and coordinating food drives. The bidders who won will get the original artwork once their designated act of kindness is completed.

We also had a private sponsor dinner hosted by our friends at Kit + Ace to have meaningful conversations and share a meal to discuss our local art community. Thanks Kit + Ace!