Executive Producer

I AM Everything

Sarah partnered with Fashion Designer Emma Berg to produce the I am Everything Fashion Show. I am Everything is Berg’s SS2014 collection, which began in early fall of 2013. Through meetings, fittings and more meetings with 10 selected teen girls from five B&G clubs across the Twin Cities, Berg designed each girl a gown to be worn for her 2014 prom. The girls were asked to provide input into the design process, impacting silhouette, color, and materials. Each gown was uniquely designed to represent the young woman who wore it and now owns it.

The project culminated with a fashion show in late early April 2014, in which the girls were asked to walk the runway in their custom gowns. At the end of the runway event, the prom dresses were gifted to their girls as a thank you for their participation. Each girl was selected by the staff at the different clubs. The only ask of the staff during the selection was that they be in their Junior or Senior year and be doing well in school.

Star Tribune feature here.