Creative Director + Producer + Stylist

City Pages "What to Where" Series

Sarah partnered with City Pages to produce a weekly feature titled "What to Where". Each week she would highlight the Twin Cities' best clothing boutiques, special events and foods for Summer 2012. 

The strategy was to tell a story through a fashion editorial that would bring together restaurants, boutiques and events within a close, geographical area.  She would wrangle photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, boutiques, styling assistants to produce one of the most read blogs for City Pages and draw more fashion readership. 

"What to Where: Arrow, Guthrie Theatre, Sea Change"

"What to Where: Rewind, Art-A-Whirl, Anchor Fish 'n Chips"

"What to Where: Macy's, Glamorama, Solera"

What to Where: Glamorama, Macy's, Crave