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I AM Back to School!

I AM BACK TO SCHOOL –is an event that features a fashion show highlighting nearly 30 girls of all sizes, shapes and walks of life. Their outfits will be styled by Davee Ek, but will be influenced by their personal style. In addition to modeling, each girl will make a plan to incorporate kindness into her life. 


I AM Back to School // Machine Shop // Minneapolis, MN from acowsay on Vimeo.

"We’re different. Some of us are athletes. Some artists. Some both. Some neither. But what matters is something we all have in common: the willingness and ability to root for each other, no matter who we are. In other words, kindness. We all have it. This fall, let’s share it."

Star Tribune feature

Promo videos of featured girls:

I AM Back to School // Confidence Promo from Kylee and Christian on Vimeo.